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Blues Therapy

By: Anita Schlank, Ph.D. & Tab Benoit
All Proceeds Go to the Hart Fund
Anita Schlank, Ph.D.

Anita Schlank, Ph.D. is a forensic and clinical psychologist who has assessed and treated criminal offenders for over 30 years and is the editor of the book series entitled The Sexual Predator.  She is also a passionate fan of the blues and is on the board of directors for the River City Blues Society in Richmond, Virginia.

Tab Benoit

Tab Benoit is a guitarist, singer, drummer, songwriter, and record producer.  He also is an airplane pilot, mechanic, former restaurant owner, artist, and conservationist.  Tab is from Houma, Louisiana and was inducted into the Louisiana music Hall of Fame.  He was nominated for a Grammy and has won three Blues Music Awards which include the BB King Entertainer of the Year Award.  Tab also won the Governor's Award for Conservationist of the Year for his work with the Voice of the Wetlands Foundation, which advocates for preservation of the wetlands.

Book Synopsis

Blues Therapy is about the blues and mental illness  It has three sections.  In the first section ("The Psychologist's Perspective"), Anita Schlank tries to dispel myths about mental illness and mental health treatment, discuss the therapeutic effects of music (particularly the blues and the blues community), and discusses aspects of a musician's lifestyle that can exacerbate mental health problems.  In the second section ("The Musician's Perspective") Tab Benoit discusses these same issues from the perspective of a musician.  In the final section ("The Interviews"), 14 amazing blues musicians (Annika Chambers, Ronnie Earl, Mark Earley, Amanda Fish, Eric Gales, Beth Hart, Janiva Magness, Nick Moss, Anders Osborne, Phil Pemberton, Billy Price, Dawn Tyler Watson, "Monster" Mike Welch, and the Rev. Billy C. Wirtz) share their compelling personal experiences with mental health problems and/or addictions, including the ways in which the blues has been healing for them. Mike Zito also wrote the foreword for the book.  These incredibly talented musicians are taking steps to help eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness and mental health treatment.  All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the HART Fund, which pays for medical and mental health as well as substance abuse treatment for blues musicians in financial need.

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